Prof. Wheeler: At a Glance

I am an Associate Professor of Spanish and Black Studies in the Department of Foreign Language Studies and the Black Studies Program at Providence College, and I hold a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

My research interests include:

  1. Sociocultural Linguistics: with an emphasis on the intersections of language and race and language and beauty
  2. Latinx Studies: with an emphasis on race and ethnicity, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and diasporic identities
  3. Translation Studies: with an emphasis on the translation of racial language
  4. Spanish Linguistics: with an emphasis on bilingualism and Dominican Spanish

My scholarship engages the communities that inform my research, the students in my classroom, and the world that we are all privileged to explore. I am on a journey of discovery, and I welcome you to come along!

Recent Publications

  • Wheeler, E. M. (Accepted) Points of Contention: The Racial State and Evolving Discourses on Identity in the Dominican Republic. Caribe, page numbers pending.
  • Wheeler, E. M. (2019) La belleza tiene nombre. El lenguaje y la construcción de la belleza femenina en el mundo hispanohablante. Editorial AXAC, 45-59.
  • Wheeler, E. M. & S. Freeman Jr. (2019) “Scholaring” While Black: Discourses on Race, Gender, and the Tenure Track. Journal of the Professoriate, 57-86. *PDF*
  • Wheeler, E. M. (2017) Brokering Communication in Sacred Spaces: Bilingual Youth Interpreters in Religious Settings. Sociolinguistic Studies (Vol. 6, No.3), 329-355. *PDF*
  • Wheeler, E. M. (2015). Race, Legacy and Lineage in the Dominican Republic: Shifting Paradigms, The Black Scholar (Vol. 45, No. 2). Edited by Guest Editors R. Chetty and A. Rodríguez, 34-44. *PDF*
  • Creative Writing: Wheeler, E.M. (2015). Letter To A Beautiful Brown Girl / Carta a una hermosa niña morenita. Revista Arenas Blancas 14, 44-47. *PDF*

Recent Presentations

  • November 2020 – “Black Words Matter: Rendering the Language of U.S. Blackness in Spanish Translations of African American Film and Literature,” Centering Blackness in
    Hispanic Sociolinguistics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, New York.
  • November 2020 – “Where Do We Go From Here?: A Mid-COVID Moment to Re-Imagine HBCUs,” New Pathways Social Justice Conference, BRIDGE, Lee, MA (with C. Adams, C. Patterson).
  • October 2020 – “Language and the Creation of Racial Categories in the Dominican Republic,” Department of Spanish & Portuguese, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • October 2020 – “Reinterpreting American Blackness: Language, Race, and Life in Translation,” Department of Spanish & Portuguese, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • October 2020 – “Shades of Meaning: Examining Raza and Matiz Racial in the Dominican Republic,” Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. (Virtual)
  • October 2020 – “When Black Stories Go Global: Language, Race, and Life in Translation,” OU Research Showcase, Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL. (Virtual)
  • September 2020 – “Language, identity, and racialization in the lived experience of a diverse group of Spanish Linguists: A trio-ethnography,” 49th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest, Virtual (with A. Schwartz, M. Ramos Pellicia) (English).
  • September 2020 – “Reinterpreting American Blackness through Racial Language in Translations of African American Literature and Film,” 49th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest, Virtual (English).
  • July 2020 – “When Black Stories Go Global: Language, Race, and Life in Translation,” Duke Arts Talks Series, Duke University, Durham, NC. (Virtual)
  • June 2020 – “Language and the Construction of Feminine Beauty in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean,” 45th Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference, Georgetown,  Guyana (English). (Postponed: COVID-19).
  • April 2020 – “Infiltrado en el KKKlan: Analyzing the Translation of Racial Language in Spanish Dubbings of BlacKkKlansman,” IX International Conference on Hispanic Linguistics, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (Spanish).
  • April 2020 – “One of those beautiful but hot-headed Spanish Negroes: Afro-Latinx Identity Under the African-American Gaze in the Writings of Malcolm X,” College Language Association 2020 Convention, Memphis, TN (English). (Postponed: COVID-19)
  • October 2019 – “Translating Blackness in Film and Literature,” Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • April 2019 – “Translating Malcolm X: Spanish and the Globalization of Racial Language,” VIII International Conference on Hispanic Linguistics, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (Spanish).

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