Soy Eva. Sou Eva. Eva naiz. Em dic Eva. I’m Eva.

I am an Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Oakwood University. In addition to teaching courses in Spanish and Spanish Linguistics, I serve as director of the English as a Second Language program and coordinator of the Adventist Colleges Abroad program. My research interests include:

  1. Spanish Linguistics: with an emphasis on Dominican Spanish and bilingual youth
  2. Sociocultural linguistics: with an emphasis on language and identity and the intersections of language and race
  3. Latin American Studies: with an emphasis on race and ethnicity, post-colonial racial systems, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean

My scholarship engages the communities that inform my research, the students in my classroom, and the world that we are all privileged to explore. I am on a journey of discovery, and I welcome you to come along!

Bienvenid@     Bem-vind@     Ongi etorri     Benvingut      Welcome

Recent Publications

  • Wheeler, E.M. (2017). La semántica de las categorías de matiz racial en la República Dominicana: Hacia centros y periferias. In Centros de irradiación y periferias de la lengua española, ed. José María Santos Rovira, 49-60. (
  • Wheeler, E. M. (2017) Brokering Communication in Sacred Spaces: Bilingual Youth Interpreters in Religious Settings. Sociolinguistic Studies (Vol. 6, No.3), 329-355. *PDF*
  • Wheeler, E. M. (2015). Race, Legacy and Lineage in the Dominican Republic: Shifting Paradigms, The Black Scholar (Vol. 45, No. 2). Edited by Guest Editors R. Chetty and A. Rodríguez, 34-44. *PDF*
  • Creative Writing: Wheeler, E.M. (2015). Letter To A Beautiful Brown Girl / Carta a una hermosa niña morenita. Revista Arenas Blancas 14, 44-47. *PDF*

Recent Presentations

  • November 18, 2016 – “Shouting into the Void: Counter Discourses on Race and Identity in the Dominican Republic,” American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis, MN.
  • April 2017 – “Antes muerta que sencilla: The Semantics of Beauty in Latin America and the U.S.,” VI Jornadas de la Lingüística Hispánica, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • October 2017 – “Antes muerta que sencilla: The Semantics of Beauty in Latin America and the U.S.,” Linguistic Association of the Southwest, Las Cruces, NM.

See my feature on the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Library Blog: Here.

See a snippet from my participation in a post-show conversation following a production of “In the Time of the Butterflies” presented by the NMSU Department of Theatre Arts: Here.

See my bio as a part of the Los Angeles Sentinel’s Women’s History Month series: Here.

Follow my travels on Instagram: @evadelaire_.

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